Polex Sanding Polishing Kit - WET

From topcoat sanding to the final polishing, everything you need to create that luxurious finish is included in this complete kit. By just simply switching pads, Polex will remove topcoat sanding scratches as well as finish to a highly lustrous shine. Wet sanding kit features Buflex Wet Stickon sheets.

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Kit Contents

1 unit 131-1500 Wet Sanding (1/2) Sheets
1 unit 131-2000 Wet Sanding (1/2) Sheets
1 unit 191-1501 Buflex Sheets Black
1 unit 191-1502 Buflex Sheets Green
2 pcs 971-0015 Buflex Pads
1 pc 04161 Eagle Detailing Cloth
1 unit 04038 32 oz. Polex System
1 unit 04847 8-1/2" White Multi-Cell Pad
1 unit 04848 8-1/2" Blue Multi-Cell Pad
1 unit 04849 8-1/2" Red Multi-Cell Pad


Grade K-3000
Grade P2000
Grade K-2000
Grade P1500
Product Waterproof
Product Multi-Cell
Product Buflex
Product Polex
Packaging Pack
Application Wet

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