Super Assilex Flexible Abrasives

Super Assilex provides Fast and Uniform coverage with extremely shallow scratches, resulting from the combination of Ultra Flexible bonding and Super Sharp abrasives. Ideal for light sanding on all types of surfaces that demand shallow scratches, uniform finish and still can be done in the shortest time.

Speed of a faster grit, finish of a finer grit.

Available In Discs & Sheets
Vacuum Assist 7 Holes, 15 Holes
Application Primer Sanding, Scuffing, Blending, Topcoat Sanding
Grade Range K-240 - K-1500
Finish Equivalence: (>P240 to >P2000)
Backing Type Super-Tack (velour)

Ideal For

  • Light scuffing on base coat
  • Sanding primer surfacer before painting
  • Scuffing on ED Primer Coat of new parts
  • Blending between repair and non-repair areas
  • Scuffing old paint or bumpers before painting
  • Removes wax, incrustations, dirt and dust


  • Fast and uniform coverage, leaves no unsanded areas
  • Extremely shallow scratch pattern, safe from "over-sanding"
  • Flexible contact, ideal for concave and convex areas
  • Efficiently removes wax, incrustations, dirt and dust
  • Time saving of 50% or more thus greatly improves productivity

Available In

Equivalent **
Equivalent ***
3" Assilex
Mini-Sanding Discs
6" Assilex Discs
7 Holes
6" Assilex Discs
15 Holes
170 x 130mmSuper Assilex
K-1500 Peach >P1500 ±P1200 730-2505* 193-2545 193-2525 191-2505
K-1200 Orange >P1200 ±P1000 730-2507* 193-1540 193-1580 191-1510
K-1000 Lime >P1000 ±P800 730-2517* 193-2547 193-2527 191-2507
K-800 Lemon >P800 ±P600 730-2508* 193-1539 193-1579 191-1509
K-600 Sky >P600 ±P320 730-2510* 193-1538 193-1578 191-1508
K-360 Ocean >P360 ±P240 - 193-1545 193-1575 191-1515
K-240 Brown >P240 ±P150 - 193-2557 193-2537 191-2517
Pack/Case 50/24 25/20 25/20 25/20
*Each 3" Assilex Box Includes one 971-7503 3" Interface Pad **Manual P-grade finish equivalent. Learn more about K-Number ***Time required to sand given area. Learn more about K-Number