Magic Disc Matte Clearcoat Sanding

Specially developed sanding disc for tough OEM E-coat primers and very hard matte clearcoat sanding.

The Super-Tack film backing Magic Disc utilizes top quality diamond abrasive grain and next generation anti-clogging technology, providing an unbelievably long sanding life. With its high performance cutting speed, Magic Disc is ideal for sanding on all types of very hard coating surfaces while still maintaining its uniform finish.

Available In 6 in. Discs
Vacuum Assist 15 Holes
Application E-coat, Hard Clearcoat Sanding
Grade 320 - 500
Backing Type Super-Tack (velour)

Available In

6" Super-Tack
Discs - 15 Holes
6" Super-Tack
Discs - 15 Holes
6" Super-Tack
Discs - 15 Holes
Grade 320 400 500
Part No. 528-0320 528-0400 528-0500
Pack/Case 10/20 10/20 10/20

Sanding Hard Factory E-Coats

Certain European manufacturers use an extra hard ED (Electrophoretic Deposition) coating or E-Coat on new factory metal parts. Sanding on this hard coating is difficult for regular abrasives. Magic Disc with its diamond abrasive grains is specially developed to "open" this extra hard layer.

The superior durability of the diamond abrasive grains means a single Magic Disc can complete ED sanding for multiple vehicles.

Ideal Application & Advantages

  • Sanding tough OEM E-Coats
  • Scuffing very hard matte clearcoats
  • Diamond abrasive grains
  • Long Sanding Life
  • Uniform Finish