Product Samplers

Try our revolutionary abrasive products first and see how we can save your shop time and money. Click the following links to open the sampler form.

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery. Items in Sampler Pack contain quantities less than a full package. Offer limited to one sampler pack per Company Address. Offer available only in mainland USA. Eagle Abrasives reserves the right to cancel sampler offer at any time.

ProductAvailable SamplersForm
Super Assilex Assilex Sheets Sampler Form
Assilex Discs (15 holes)
Super Buflex (DRY) Super Buflex Sheets Sampler Form
Super Buflex Discs (15 holes)
Magic Disc Magic Disc 15 Holes Sampler Form
Maxcut Maxcut 6 in. Discs (Non-vacuum) Sampler Form
Maxcut 6 in. Discs (15 holes)
Maxcut 8 in. Discs
Maxcut File Sheets
MaxFilm Discs MaxFilm 6 in. Discs (15 holes) Sampler Form
PF Premium Series PF Premium Discs (Non-vaccum) Sampler Form
PF Premium Discs (15 holes)
Tolecut Touch-Up System Tolecut Full Sheets Sampler Form
Tolecut 8-cut Block Sheets
Tolex System Tolex PSA Sheets Sampler Form
Tolex Super-Tack Sheets
TRI-PRO Discs TRI-PRO 6 in. Discs (Non-vacuum) Sampler Form
TRI-PRO 6 in. Discs (15 holes)
Yellow-Film Discs Yellow-Film 5 in. Discs (Non-vaccum) Sampler Form
Yellow-Film 6 in. Discs (Non-vaccum)
Yellow-Film 6 in. Discs (15 holes)