Usage Guide

As finishing technology continues to advance, quality demands in coated abrasives are higher than ever before, especially in the fine sanding area. Besides the longevity and cutting speed in sanding products, a uniform finish with shallow scratches is essential for today’s New Generation painting technology

In order to keep up with the changes, a series of new products ranging from scuffing to fine polishing sanding has been introduced in the last few years by Kovax, the leader in fine finishing coated abrasives. These products utilize the latest technology in both the material and the bonding process and have successfully achieved quality standards that will meet or exceed today’s professional requirement.

Since the relationship between cutting speed and the final finish of these new products are dramatically different from traditional sandpaper, Eagle Abrasives uses the K-number to designate abrasive grade. For these "K-Series" abrasives, the following table will serve as a starting point for understanding or making a selection for these products.

Super Assilex Tolex Tolecut System Buflex System
Brown Ocean Sky Lemon Lime Orange Peach Pink Yellow Orange Pink Green Blue Black Green Blue Black
K Number K-240 K-360 K-600 K-800 K-1000 K-1200 K-1500 K-1500 K-800 K-1200 K-1500 K-2000 K-2500 K-3000 K-2000 K-2500 K-3000
±P150 ±P240 ±P320 ±P600 ±P800 ±P1000 ±P1200 ±P1200 ±P500 ±P800 ±P1000 ±P1200 ±P1500 ±P2000 ±P1200 ±P1500 ±P2000
Time required to completely cover and sand within a given area is equivalent to the speed of above grit number in traditional abrasive paper. (Because “depth of sanding scratches” differ from product to product, the above guide is not necessarily equivalent to speed of material removal in volume.
Finish Equivalence
Manual >P240 >P360 >P600 >P800 >P1000 >P1200 >P1500 >P1500 >P800 >P1200 >P1500 >P2000 >P2500 >P3000 >P2000 >P2500 >P3000
Machine >P280 >P400 >P800 >P1000 >P1200 >P1500 >P2000 >P2000 >P1000 >P1500 >P2000 >P2500 >P3000 >P3500 >P2500 >P3000 >P4000
The effort required to polish the finish of referenced products is equivalent to a finish left behind by the above grit numbers.