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Specialty Tools

Specialty Tools

Our line of pneumatic tools is specially designed for performance and durability.

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  • P/N: 910-0600

    The 6” Proma-X AIR Random Orbital Sander is an excellent tool for surface preparation to topcoat finishing. Lightweight and well balanced dual-action sanding that allows the operator to work more efficiently in all kinds of applications. Vacuum assist model for dustless sanding and built-in swiveling hose connector for smoother operation. Threaded hose adapter is included.

    Size: 6" Diameter
  • P/N: 910-0603

    The 6” Proma-X AIR Random Orbital Sander is an excellent tool for surface preparation to topcoat finishing. The sander is ergonomically designed with durable rubber overmolding for a comfortable grip. A specially engineered 4 bearing design ensures stability and low vibration during sanding operation.

    Size: 6" Diameter
  • P/N: 910-0102

    Lightweight, convenient one-handed operation; this powerful little Palm Sander provides ultra-smooth and quiet double-action for sanding on all kinds of surfaces. Well balanced and precision-built with multiple bearing design.

    Size: 6" Diameter
  • P/N: 910-7501

    Well balanced and precision-built, this powerful mini 3" D/A sander provides ultra-smooth double-action sanding from spot repairs to final finishing. Lightweight with convenient one-handed operation, perfect for all those tight places and hard to reach areas.

    Size: 3" Diameter
  • P/N: 910-0202

    Lightweight, precision-made mini-orbital sander designed to provide a smooth action and to save labor time by 50% or more. This sander is specifically designed for all topcoat fine finishing sanding so you can achieve a consistent, shallow scratch pattern that will result in a beautiful finish.

    Size: Flexible Half Sheet
  • P/N: 910-3501

    An excellent tool for removing nibs (dust) or sags (runs) on every type of painted surface. This time-saving utility sander is lightweight and easy to use, its mini orbital action (3mm) imitates the motion of manual hand sanding, which is fast and stable.

    Size: 1-1/4" Diameter
  • P/N: 910-0301

    This low-noise and low-vibration miniature air polisher is also lightweight (under 2 lbs). It's easy to handle and ideal for polishing small, specific areas. The provided 3" Super-Tack back-up plates and pads can be used for all kinds of polishing needs.

    Size: 3" Diameter
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items