Super Assilex Sheet FINISHING Starter Kits

From production to finishing, Super Assilex Sheet starter kits come with all you need to take full advantage of the Super Assilex system. Each kit comes with a foam block and the recommended interface and hand pads.

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Kit Contents

Assilex Sheet

Finishing Kit
191-1508 Assilex Sheets Sky K-600 5 sheets
191-1509 Assilex Sheets Lemon K-800 5 sheets
191-2507 Assilex Sheets Lime K-1000 5 sheets
191-1510 Assilex Sheets Orange K-1200 5 sheets
191-2505 Assilex Sheets Peach K-1500 5 sheets
00212 Assilex Foam Block 1 block
971-0025 Assilex Soft Hand Pad M 1 pad
971-0035 Assilex Interface Pad M 1 pad


Grade K-1500
Grade K-1200
Grade K-1000
Grade K-800
Grade K-600
Product Super Assilex
Form Factor Sheet
Size 170 x 130mm
Attachment Type Super-Tack
Application Dry

Recommended Pads

Recommended Products