NovedadesTolecut Kits & 4-Cut Sheets

New Tolecut Kits come with sanding sheets and accessories for any job. Introducing new Toleblocks.

Getting a better finish in less time has never been easier. All new Tolecut Starter Kits come with everything you need to tackle topcoat imperfections. The Total DRY Tolecut system that cuts fast while delivering a uniform finish is perfect for removing nibs and runs after painting. Take advantage of new Toleblocks and the all new Tolecut 4-Cut Sheets

SP9737 SP9738 SP9739
Complete Kit 8-Cut Kit Full Sheet QM Kit
Tolecut 8-Cut, 4-Cut & Full Sheets Tolecut 8-Cut Sheets + Toleblock S & QS Tolecut Full Sheets + Tolecard & Toleblock QM