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  • P/N: 0463

    Our vibration free low fatigue Multi-Hex Foam Pads are also self-centering for convenience. The multiple hex pattern on the face of the pad will disperse buffing compound evenly based on the amount of pressure used by the operator, thus reducing grabbing and heat-causing friction.

    Size: 7-1/2" Diameter
  • P/N: 0484

    High quality Curved Multi-Cell foam pads have a slow absorption rate and regularly placed pockets that gradually release polish as the operator applies pressure, requiring less polish to complete the task. The interruptions on the face of the Curved Multi-Cell pads also decrease surface tension and contact, thus reducing both skipping and heat-causing friction.

    Size: 8-1/2" Diameter
  • P/N: 04623

    Molded Polyurethane construction and steel struts molded into center hub for extra durability and flexibility. Extra long life hook material molded into plate has Flexible edge and eliminates delamination. Flexible plastic center hub ideal for buffing from flat to contoured surface and reduces risk of hot spot. Designed for use with most Eagle Super-Tack 6-1/2” to 8” diameter buffing pads.

    Size: 6-1/4" Diameter
  • P/N: 0485

    Eagle Multi-Buff foam pad combines multiple strands of tiny high density foam to achieve the best finish in the shortest time. This lint-free pad buffs like a real wool pad without the drawback of heat and polish build-up. Made with machine washable, tear resistant foam for long life.

    Size: 8" Diameter
  • P/N: 04100

    Use this extra-soft foam pad instead of terry towels to remove polish residue. Does not scratch clear coat, will dissipate lint and dust-attracting static build-up. Machine washable.

  • P/N: P4045

    Specially designed for use with the Kovax Mini Air Polisher (p/n 910-0301). The Yellow Foam pads are perfect for final polishing.

    Size: 3" Diameter
  • P/N: P4047

    Specially designed for use with the Kovax Mini Air Polisher (p/n 910-0301). The wool pads are perfect for light compound buffing.

    Size: 3" Diameter
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items