Maxfilm 6 inch Super-Tack Discs (15 holes)

Even the toughest E-Coat will not stop these Ultra High Performance MaxFilm discs from cutting through. The long life, fast cut and uniform finish will keep your shop at Maximum efficiency. Discs are vacuum-assist ready.

Grade Part No.
P600 523-0600
P400 523-0400
P320 523-0320
P220 523-0220
P180 523-0180
P150 523-0150
P120 523-0120


Grade P600
Grade P400
Grade P320
Grade P220
Grade P180
Grade P150
Grade P120
Product Maxfilm
Form Factor Disc
Paper Size 6" Diameter
Packaging Box
Quantity 50
Attachment Type Super-Tack
Vacuum Assist 15 Holes
Application Dry
Material Aluminum Oxide

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