PF Premium 6 inch Stickon Disc Rolls

The perfect sanding medium that will lead you towards a high efficiency operation. Leap to the future with PF Premium Series. Eagle High Performance PF Premium Series utilizes a special flexible bonding technology to effectively minimize deep scratches and increase cutting power.

Grade Part No.
P600 867-0600
P400 867-0400
P320 867-0320
P220 867-0220
P180 867-0180
P150 867-0150
P120 867-0120
P80 867-0080


Grade P600
Grade P400
Grade P320
Grade P220
Grade P180
Grade P150
Grade P120
Grade P80
Product PF Premium
Form Factor Disc
Paper Size 6" Diameter
Packaging Box
Quantity 100
Attachment Type Stickon (PSA)
Application Dry
Material Aluminum Oxide

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