Tri-Pro Super-Tack Discs

TRI-PRO Super-Tack Discs, a good choice for your everyday sanding needs. Full resin bonded TRI-PRO Super-Tack discs cut fast and leave a uniform finish. The extra cushion effect of Super-Tack system provides cooler sanding and a better finish. Perfect for clog free mid-rangesanding on all kinds of surfaces.

Grade Part No.
P600-A 525-0600
P500-A 525-0500
P400-A 525-0400
P320-A 525-0320
P220-A 525-0220
P180-A 525-0180
P150-A 525-0150
P120-C 525-0120
P100-C 525-0100
P80-C 525-0080


Grade P600
Grade P500
Grade P400
Grade P320
Grade P220
Grade P180
Grade P150
Grade P120
Grade P100
Grade P80
Product Tri-Pro
Form Factor Disc
Paper Size 6" Diameter
Packaging Box
Quantity 100
Attachment Type Super-Tack
Vacuum Assist No
Application Dry
Material Aluminum Oxide

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