Super Assilex 6 inch Super-Tack Discs (15 holes)

Super Assilex discs are the perfect sanding medium that provides speed, uniform coverage and extremely shallow sanding pattern. It prevents irregular scratches caused by Non-woven products or the risk of over-sanding caused by standard abrasive sheets. No Scuffing Compounds needed, no color residues to clean-up. Pre-punched hole pattern discs and interface pad are ready for vacuum assist sanding.

Grade Sanding Speed Finish Equivalent* Part No.
Peach K-1500 ±P1200 >P2000 193-2525
Orange K-1200 ±P800 >P1500 193-1580
Lime K-1000 ±P800 >P1200 193-2527
Lemon K-800 ±P600 >P1000 193-1579
Sky K-600 ±P320 >P800 193-1578
Ocean K-360 ±P240 >P400 193-1575
Brown K-240 ±P150 >P280 193-2537

*Machine Finish Equivalent, please check usage guide for more information.


Grade K-1500
Grade K-1200
Grade K-1000
Grade K-800
Grade K-600
Grade K-360
Grade K-240
Product Super Assilex
Form Factor Disc
Paper Size 6" Diameter
Packaging Box
Quantity 25
Attachment Type Super-Tack
Vacuum Assist 15 Holes
Application Dry

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