Beautiful finishes can now be achieved effortlessly in much less time!

A unique system that promises to cut all those long buffing times by 50% or more! Super Buflex combines an ultra-flexible latex abrasive and a specially formulated soft pad that cuts fast but leaves behind a shallow scratch pattern that is much easier to polish than grit 3000. Extremely uniform and shallow scratch pattern are the main reasons why Buflex system can produce beautiful finishes in much less time.

Available In Discs, Sheets
Vacuum Assist 7 Holes, 15 Holes
Application Polishing, Buffing
Grade Range K-2000 - K-3000
Finish Equivalence: (>P2000 to >P4000)
Backing Type Super-Tack (velour), Stickon (PSA)


Reduces Buffing Times

Due to Buflex's fast but uniform cutting action, time required for removing scratches from Topcoat Sanding can be largely reduced. In addition, due to Buflex's shallow scratch pattern, it can be polished to a showroom shine in a fraction of the time that would normally be required to polish out scratches made by rubbing compound.

Immaculate Finishes

Utilizing state of the art "Roller Coating" technology, abrasive grains are distributed in the most uniform fashion possible. Problems of reappearing scratches, if any, originally made by wet-sanding paper or rubbing compound can be prevented by utilizing Buflex system.

Available In

Equivalent *
1-3/8" Super-Tack
Touch-Up Discs
3" Super-Tack
Mini-Sanding Discs
6" Super-Tack Discs
7 Holes
6" Super-Tack Discs
15 Holes
170 x 130mmSuper-Tack
K-3000 Black >P3000 194-1504 730-1514 193-1534 193-1564 191-1531
K-2500 Blue >P2500 -- 730-1515 -- 193-1562 191-1534
K-2000 Green >P2000 194-1505 730-1513 193-1535 193-1565 191-1532
Pack/Case 100/20 50/24 25/20 25/20 25/20
*Machine Finish Equivalent. Learn more about K-Number
Equivalent *
6" Stickon
70 x 114mmStickon
K-3000 Black >P3000 192-1501 191-1501
K-2000 Green >P2000 192-1502 191-1502
Pack/Case 25/20 25/12
*Manual P-grade Finish Equivalent. Learn more about K-Number