Total Dry System

Super Assilex

Super Assilex provides Fast and Uniform coverage with extremely shallow scratches, resulting from the combination of Ultra Flexible bonding and Super Sharp abrasives.

Primer Sanding Blending Base Coat Sanding
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A unique system that promises to cut all those long buffing times by 50% or more! Beautiful finishes can now be achieved effortlessly in much less time.

Buffing Polishing
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Tolecut Touch-Up System

The Tolecut Touch-Up system utilizes state of the art Dry Lube technology to prevent both loading and deep scratches. This dry application allows constant progress monitoring for delicate jobs.

Nib Removal Spot Repair
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Yellow-Film Discs

Over-runs, dust nibs and excessive orange peel can now be removed effortlessly with Eagle SUPER-TACK Yellow-Film discs.

Topcoat Sanding Orange Peel Scuffing
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Maxcut Production Paper

Imagine the cutting power like a coarser grit but the finish of a finer grit! Maxcut Abrasive Paper outperforms other products in the market in all 3 areas: Speed, Longevity and most importantly, a Uniform Finish!

Production Sanding Bondo Sanding Putty Sanding
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Magic Disc

The Super-Tack film backing Magic Disc utilizes top quality diamond abrasive grain and next generation anti-clogging technology, providing an unbelievably long sanding life.

Hard Clear Coat Sanding E-Coat Sanding Diamond Abrasive
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PF Premium

Eagle High Performance PF Premium Series utilizes a special flexible bonding technology to effectively minimize deep scratches and increase cutting power.

Blending Primer Mid-Range Sanding
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Tolex, a breakthrough in both micro-finishing sanding and dry lubrication process technology, results in a system that allows true topcoat sanding without the use of water.

Topcoat Sanding Finishing
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Maxfilm Discs

Even the toughest E-Coat will not stop these Ultra High Performance MaxFilm discs from cutting through. The long life, fast cut and uniform finish will keep your shop at Maximum efficiency. Discs are vacuum-assist ready.

E-Coat Sanding Filler Sanding Mid-range Sanding
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Tri-Pro Discs

Competitive pricing and excellent quality make TRI-PRO Super-Tack Discs a good choice for your everyday sanding needs. Full resin bonded TRI-PRO Super-Tack discs cut fast and leave a uniform finish.

Production Sanding Mid-range Sanding
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